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€ 2095 including lunch & books

3-day English training in Amsterdam

Get knowledge and tools for the best user experience design

Maximum class size: 6


In our UX Basic Training, you’ll learn about and get hand-on with the most important UX tools and applications. We’ll cover everything from working with a UX brief to personas, from UX research to applying a solid UX process to your own case. Understand, Design, & Evaluate.

This is an all-around introduction, with both theory and practice. You’ll also get real-world examples with plenty of space for questions. You’ll spend days two and three working on your own case, and you’ll leave with an interactive prototype (or click-demo).

Technical skills

  • How to apply user psychology into an user interface design?

  • How to avoid user centered design mistakes?

  • Which softwaretools do interaction designers use frequently?

  • How to use the most common ux tools (like persona's, customer journeys, prototypes) into your design team?

  • How to measure usability?

  • What is lean user research?

Soft skills

  • How to create support for ux in organisations?

  • How to apply ux into scrum teams?

  • What is lean ux?

  • How to start as a junior ux designer and become a professional ux designer?

  • How to come up with a interesting ux portfolio?


Day 1: Get in touch with UX  
Deeply understand the field of Interaction Design & UX tools


 Introduction of User Experience Design and Interaction Design

 What is usability on the web? How to measure usability of applications? What are common UX checklists?

 Most common toolset of Interaction Design deliverables


✓ How to deal with different kind of users, user needs, user pain points and motivations?

✓ Exercise of 15 min

 All forms of usability research

✓ UX quiz (the winner will get a surprise)

Day 2: Design the user experience with usability 
Interaction Design is learning by doing. Participants will focus their attention on the most important deliverables of an Interaction Designer.



✓ Set up a UX briefing for a self-chosen application: what does the participant want to achieve with Interaction Design?

✓ Presentations of participants’ UX briefings (max 3 min. each)



✓ Persona: when to use and how to apply it?

✓ Create a persona for the self-chosen application, accompanied with a user scenario and a feature matrix model.



✓ Create interface sketches (part 1) for a self-chosen application as a Interaction Designer.​

Day 3: Evaluate interface designs with real users
Learning different kinds of techniques to unveil user feedback.



 Create interface sketches (part 2) for a self-chosen application as a Interaction Designer.

✓ How to test usability with an expert review?


✓ Doing an expert review/heuristic evaluation of an existing online application
✓ What is a usability lab: how does it work and when needed?


 Apply a usability test on the self-chosen application


 Most important slides 
 Literature list with 45 books, 18 blogs, links and podcasts to bookmark
 Free templates for persona’s, feature matrix, ux briefing
 Free frameworks 
 Checklists for web standards, iOS wireframe kits, UI patterns
 12 free e-books and 4 infographics 
 6 most watched videos and films about UX


Is this for you?

You want to get more education and training so you can feel more confident in your skills and roles.

You like UX a lot and want to do more usability activities or steer your job responsibilities more firmly into UX.

Your current position or company doesn’t support you or UX enough, so you probably need a new job.

 UX Designers, Service Designers

 Visual Designers, Graphic Designer, User Interface Designers

 Front-end Developers, Functional Designers

 Product Owners and Business Analysts

 Online Marketers/Conversion Optimization Specialists

 Start-up Founders


Maximum 6 participants
In-company training: min. 5 and max. 9 participants 


Meeuwenlaan 100
It's a 5 min. walk from Amsterdam Central station!



✓ Before the training starts, the trainer will schedule an intro call with all participants.

✓ We provide a healthy lunch & training material.

✓ Bring your own laptop (you don't need to install software for this training).

Will you receive a certificate?

Of course! 



10.00-17.00 for three days

Get a free UX briefing!

This basic UX training is including a UX briefing; a checklist to use for starting your own UX project 

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