The UX Academy  is a teaching collective of highly experienced UX designers, consultants & advisors. We like to teach to a small group of people (max. 6). 
Each of us is a bona fide expert, with at least 15 years in the field. And we give this training next to our continuing work, so our curriculum reflects the state of the art of the UX industry, as well as upcoming trends. 
All about doing user research, user-centered design and web usability.

In 2014 we started in The Netherlands our own UX Academy and received lots of reviews to be proud of. We are not online marketers or conversion specialists, but interaction designers who care about the user needs. 
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Call: +31 20 893 43 11 or whatssapp +31633713786

UX Research workshop

Discover the pro and cons of usability testing. Learn methods and techniques for concept testing. Get to know the best interview techniques and receive a generic structure of an interview script. And use our script template for usability testing!

1 day € 650

UX Basic training

In our UX Basic Training, you’ll learn about and get hand-on with the most important UX tools and applications. We’ll cover everything from working with a UX brief to personas, from UX research to applying a solid UX process to your own case. Understand, Design, & Evaluate.

You’ll spend days two and three working on your own case, and you’ll leave with an interactive prototype (or click-demo)

3 Days € 1945

UX Medior training

Our Advanced training covers data gathering, organizing UX sessions in Scrum environments, and employing helpful tools to influence stakeholder decisions. 


We’ll help you streamline your process, get the most out of the tools you use, and boost the

voice of UX in your projects!

3 Days € 1945


 We teach small groups of people (5-6 participants). It creates a very personal ambiance!
 Our training is up-to-date: we optimize the slides every month and ask user feedback to work as agile as possible! 

 Get access to our online education material including free e-books and toolsBefore the training, you’ll get access to our online portal, where you can find free e-books and downloadable tools. And you’ll be a member of our invite-only discussion group, so you can stay connected with other UX professionals like yourself!


 You will receive a well-known certificate. International Interaction Design Association (IxDA) recommended us and we are Associate Member van User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and corpoörate with the Scrum Academy.

Kim Visser

Software Developer / SDA Specialist MetaFactory B.V.

Very interesting UX 1 basic training to get introduced within the UX field. Small groups with a lot of interaction. Great lunch and nice learning environment.


Stefan Verhoeve

Digital Marketeer at Eneco

Good course with much theory and practice. You will learn to create your own prototype. Suitable for non-UX designers too, to understand the cooperation with UX designers so much better.

Sybe de Vos

Graphic designer

The basic course UX is useful for all disciplines that involve the creation of a website or app. You'll understand the essential role that an UX'er has in a scrum team. It broadened my horizon as a web designer. A production becomes so much more valuable if it is well thought in advance from the user experience. Highly recommended!

By the Numbers....Not to brag or anything, but the UX Academy is rated 8.9 on…
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We have known each other in a UX freelancers network and we have our own expertise and are not a fulltime trainer. Watch our Dutch interviews at our Vimeo channel.

Boyd de Groot is Interaction Design freelancer this autumn at KLM

René Vendrig is Interaction Design freelancer at ABN-AMRO and Edenspiekermann

Yvonne de Mey van Streefkerk is Interaction Design freelancer at the Gemeente Amsterdam

Kaj van Leeuwen is UX freelancer at Infostrada Sports

Anne Vroegop is UX freelancer at VECOZO


  Enthusiastic professionals    Bring your own case    Small groups (max. 6)  

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